Act of Aggression – Reboot Edition FULL VERSION PC download 2016/2017



Act of Aggression – Reboot Edition FULL VERSION PC download

Real-time strategy developed in the studio Eugen Systems (such as Act of War, R.U.S.E. series Wargame). The game takes us in the near future, where fighting with each US military, private paramilitary and secret task force appointed by the UN. Act of Aggression is based on the traditional rules of the RTS genre – the basis of the game is to expand the base, collect resources and create an army that will be victorious over the enemy.

Act of Aggression is a strategy game the French team from developer Eugen Systems, known for such productions as R.U.S.E. whether the series Wargame. The title was created as a spiritual successor to another RTS and the studio – Act of War. Like that production, Act of Aggression is a classic real-time strategy set in the near future.

Act of Aggression has been maintained in a climate of political thriller. The action begins in 2025, in a world ravaged by the economic crisis. On such ground grows the criminal organization called The Cartel, striving for a just known purposes. This fraction is at hand modern technologies, prototypes stolen weapons and agents operating in secret. On the opposite side of the barricade is a secret military organization Chimere, appointed by the UN to suppress in the bud open armed conflict. Chimera supports the US Army, weakened by two decades of conducting continuous wars, but it is having a seasoned combat veterans.

The game is based on the classical principles of the RTS genre. Before you hit an enemy, the player is to build a base, collect raw materials, and recruit an army. In the game there are three natural resources, including oil, which, however, is readily converted to cash. They are needed to build the infrastructure, individuals and improving technology (including construction superweapon, eg. Nuclear ballistic missiles). An important task of the player is the protection of supply lines, since the extracted raw material to be transported to the base, before they are used for production. In addition, it pays to deal with banks and catch the prisoners, greatly increasing our budget.

Buildings can be put in certain places around the headquarters, but there is no limit to the number of designs in one database. At the same time the player may have several bases, in order to maximize the amount of acquired assets or the free gathering of troops. Act of Aggression has 70 combat units of different applications – from the infantry, through all kinds of vehicles, to helicopters and jets. With the appropriate amount of resources, they can be assigned additional specializations (anti-aircraft, anti-tank, anti, etc.) and special abilities. Quite important is the tactical terrain. The soldiers can hide from the eyes of the enemy behind the hill or in the buildings where it is worth remembering that all buildings be destroyed. Fight we will roll sometimes during the day and sometimes at night. Some of the story missions are focused only on the action itself, without database management, which we know even the series Command & Conquer.

In this type of game you simply could not miss the multiplayer. Act of Aggression offers the possibility of turning the team multiplayer matches in a variety of configurations, up to 8 players on the map.

This hack Act of Aggression – Reboot Edition include:

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