Aragami Twin Souls: The Path of Shadows hack cheats FULL VERSION PC download 2016/2017



Aragami Twin Souls: The Path of Shadows hack cheats FULL VERSION PC download

Three-dimensional stealth game, which takes on the undead assassin capable of punching wield the powers of shadow. Our task is to help a girl named Yamiko, which is the key to solve the riddle of past hero.

Players take on the title Aragamiego – undead killer which has a supernatural ability. He was resurrected from the dead by a girl named Yamiko who needs his help in getting out of a heavily guarded fortress Kyuryu. Over time, we discover the past of the protagonist and we’ll find out what really connects it with a mysterious Yamiko.

Developers Aragami PC Windows inspired by both old skradankami likes of Tenchu, as well as newer games, including Mark of the Ninja and Dishonored. Missions take place in open locations, so we can approach the performance of their many ways. How to play przytało skradankową fun lies in remaining undetected. In this case, however, we are almost literally masters of the shadows – thanks to supernatural skill, the hero has some control over it. Aragami can spread gloom in a designated place, then there teleport. Darkness also help him get rid of the bodies of enemies. It can create a shady maples, and even a little black hole absorbing into its interior all the poor in the vicinity.

Despite its supernatural abilities Aragami not doing too well in direct clashes, especially with larger groups of enemies. The game is not so easy and punishes us for carelessness – this usually ends with the death of a hero.

One of the distinguishing features Aragami PC Windows between skradanek is cartoony, but quite dark graphics. Noteworthy interesting design of the main character – it’s all black, but wears a cape, which changes color depending on how well it is hidden. When creating the production of developers inspired by the cultures of East Asia, as well as two famous titles – Okami and Journey.


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