Bohemian Killing FULL VERSION PC download 2016/2017



Bohemian Killing FULL VERSION PC download

Adventure game convention in the judicial drama, which takes on the character – interestingly – rightly accused of the murder of a young woman. The game is set on two closely interlinked dimensions of time. In the courtroom familiarize ourselves with the evidence and testimony of witnesses, and then we move in time to the day of the murder, and our task is to perform certain actions that prove our innocence.

Bohemian Killing is realized in the convention drama judicial innovative adventure game, partly inspired by the famous portable consoles Nintendo series Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. For the creation of the game corresponds to the independent Polish studio The Moonwalls, in the person of lawyer and passionate about video games makaj Martin, who developed it almost alone (with a little help from sister). Although unsuccessful campaign crowdfundingowej the site Indiegogo, production has been recognized in the eyes of publishers, IQ Publishing and finally released in 2016 for Windows PC platform.

The game is set in a steampunk version of the nineteenth-century Paris, torn between tradition and modernity, and divided as a result of clear social inequalities. The hero of the game – the inventor Alfred Ethon which, thanks to his discoveries and hard work became a true symbol of success – stands before the court accused of the brutal murder of a young woman. Interestingly, the script leaves no doubt that the protagonist actually done the crime – and yet we have to try to prove his innocence, resorting to various tactics of defense and the extraordinary opportunities offered by the original game mechanics.

The gameplay in Bohemian Killing takes place rested on two closely interlinked dimensions of time. The starting point is the courtroom, where sitting in the dock, familiarize ourselves with new evidence in the case and the testimony of witnesses. Every question the judge runs the kind of flashback, in which we are moving in time to the day of the murder, and our task is to perform certain actions, which confirm the falsity of the quoted testimony or evidence presented. For example, if one of the witnesses will testify that he saw us at a certain time in the bloody shirt, during a flashback, we can engage in a fight or intentionally jammed shaving, and then at the correct time to give notice to the witness. A very important element here is the proper sequence of events and their timing, because in its absence, our explanations may be considered to be unreliable.

Bohemian Killing offers enormous number of possibilities, so that we can try to prove his innocence. In order to clear themselves of charges, we can eg. To lie, support his testimony by additional evidence, or even to pretend insanity – a way to achieve depends only on the imagination and the tactics chosen by the player. With this solution, each new game can proceed in a different way, leading us to one of several endings throughout history.

Released on the PC platform Windows Bohemian Killing was created using popular among independent developers Unity engine that provides decent quality graphics with relatively low hardware requirements. Through personal experience and careful preparation of substantive, the author succeeded in a very suggestive way to restore both the atmosphere in the courtroom, as well as the climate of nineteenth-century Paris. The sound layer title took care invited to cooperate composer, Martin Buttermilk, and the voice of all characters lent Stéphane Cornicard – actor having your account small roles in Saving Private Ryan or Spectre.

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