Civilization revolution 2 hack cheats android ios download 2016/2017




Civilization revolution 2 hack cheats android ios download

Civilization Revolution 2 for Android is a continuation of the spin-offs views cult series of turn-based strategy game, developed since the 90s of the last century by Sid Meier and another led by his studies. In contrast to the first part of the sub-series, developed primarily for consoles, desktop and laptop, “two” first appeared on mobile devices, so this time we no longer have to deal with a console port. General assumptions of the game have remained unchanged since the beginning of the series Sid Meier’s Civilization. Select one of several available nations (eg. The United States, France, Egypt), to take over its leadership and lead it to global domination. We begin in ancient times, With a small territory and meager resources. Gaining power involves building and putting up new towns, gathering resources, climbing up trees technology, recruit troops and ultimately lead the expansion. Sooner or later, the development brings us into confrontation with other nations – we can establish business contacts with them, negotiate a non-aggression pact through diplomacy or enter the path of war. Victory is achieved in one of several ways – through military conquest, domination of the technological, economic or cultural, etc. Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 differs from its predecessor primarily enriched content. The game introduces new military units (eg. Special forces), technological inventions (modern medicine, lasers and others), as well as buildings and wonders to build and previously unavailable leaders of nations. New is also a scenario mode in which recreate battles and other events familiar from history. The most significant change from the “ones”, however, lies in the technological field. Creating Civilization Revolution 2, abandoned two-dimensional graphics straight from Nintendo DS to three dimensions – so discussed the position much more similar views known to the computers and consoles. In the version for Android title belongs to the category of premium, so the relatively high price we get the game free from any micropayments.

The overall concept of the sub-series Civilization Revolution assumed the separation of a series of home all the key elements of the game and make it a bit more accessible to the media, or even of casual audience. And in this respect the second part of the game works perfectly. On the one hand we have here because all the characteristics of the original, such as the ability to lead one of a series of different cultures through many centuries of development, with simultaneous attention to all aspects of its operation, such as the construction and expansion of cities, the collection of raw materials, discovering new technologies, and finally army recruitment and running territorial expansion. Whole – but retains the overall concept and spirit of the original, but has undergone a clear simplification resulting from the specificity of touch devices. With the game disappeared, among others, farm, religious aspects, or issues related to environmental pollution. The most important change, however, of course, model control and an interface that is relatively large and occupies almost one-third of the screen. It is difficult to consider this as a minus, because thanks to this service game is simple and does not cause problems even on smaller screens of smartphones. Not all elements of the interface, however, were developed and properly balanced, so that the management of the city and its resources is much easier than, for example. Control of individual units. Incomprehensible is the fact that despite the designation of individuals specific tasks (lasting more than one turn), each turn we are forced to click on a given unit again, and once approval has already chosen destination. The layer substantive “two” does not differ significantly from their original. Although the game there are, of course, the new leaders, units, buildings and technologies, it is all rather cosmetic additives, niewprowadzające the game any breakthrough. A pity! The naked eye, however, we see a marked improvement in visual qualities. Place two-dimensional and somewhat “flat” graphics with ones occupied housing made in full 3D. There were also absent earlier animated battles, making the whole quite clearly conformed in this matter to PeCetowych the views cycle. The aim of the final evaluation of Civilization Revolution 2 should look at this production from two different points of view. Existing versions of PCs fans certainly will see a number of simplifications in its mobile version, and the pleasure of the game will pick them probably difficult getting used to the touch-control model. However, all those who are cult series Sid Meier encountered for the first time on the console or mobile devices – should be “two” very satisfied. They received for the game, which in terms of mechanics is not significantly different from its original, while offering significantly better graphic design, adapted to contemporary standards galloping mobile. The downside unforgivable remains high price.

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