Cossacks 3: Days of Brilliance hack cheats FULL VERSION PC download 2016/2017



Cossacks 3: Days of Brilliance hack cheats FULL VERSION PC download

Cossacks 3 Days of Brilliance is designed to PCs extension to the RTS Cossacks and 3. The expansion to the game Polish campaign and a set of independent missions. DLC also allows you to manage two new factions: Denmark and the Netherlands.

Cossacks 3 Days of Brilliance is released on the PC platform Windows in addition to the real-time strategy Cossacks 3 (ang. Cossacks 3). This is an extension reliant, so the action requires a basic version of the game. Both productions were designed by GSC Game World, which is the same team that was behind all the facet of the brand.

Available on Windows PC add-on Cossacks 3: Days of Brilliance does not change in any significant way mechanisms fun; instead it focuses on the more elaborate the contents. The main attraction of the DLC is a new single player campaign, which is based on Polish history and set in the seventeenth century. It allows you to take part, among others, Klushino in the battle and siege of Vienna. During these clashes use, of course, characteristic of the period Polish units, including hussars. Added to this is a set of five independent new mission, playback key to the fate of Europe’s clash of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Cossacks Appendix 3: Days of Brilliance also extends the list of playable factions of the two new, allowing us to manage an army of Danish and Dutch. Each of them received a course unique buildings, units and musical motifs. DLC also strengthens other nations, with a few new units.

It is worth noting that the two new factions have also been made available as a free upgrade to the holders of the basic version of the Cossacks 3. As a result, the authors avoided breaking community playing in multiplayer mode.

Cossacks 3 Days of Brilliance is traditionally carried DLC offering exactly the same level of performance as the “base”. However, fans will enjoy the presence of a sizeable set of new songs.


This hack Cossacks 3: Days of Brilliance include:

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