Darksiders Warmastered Edition hack cheats FULL VERSION PC download 2016/2017



Darksiders Warmastered Edition hack cheats FULL VERSION PC download

Darksiders (originally: Darksiders: Wrath of War) – action adventure hack and slash developed by Vigil Games and published by THQ. The game is inspired by the Apocalypse of St. Jana and her war hero, one of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. August 14, 2012 he was issued a sequel, Darksiders II, which takes place simultaneously with the action Darksiders.

The game world is divided into locations, some of them war may get only after the recovery of previously lost weapons and abilities. The focal point of the game world is Burning Hangman, where the war receives new orders and the ability to unlock new areas. Each of them is divided by a number of linear or non-linear paths, many of which require overcoming the elements of platform, climbing and swimming and the use of new skills to solve environmental puzzles and make progress in the game. War fighting mainly against the angels and demons, has a unique ability to kill certain types of enemies, usually by tearing them to shreds.

Although initially Rollers war can only use his two-handed sword Devourer of Chaos, as you progress in the game you have access to other weapons. There also has to Scythe, which might also serve as a major offensive weapon. Each weapon has other unlocked over time combos. In addition to performing a series of blows, the character can backwater and block attacks and perform evasive, which helps in the fight against different types of opponents. In ranged combat can take advantage of ranged weapons such as a gun or a blade reminiscent of throwing. As the weapons used are also many environmental elements. In a later phase of the game War gains the ability to summon his mount Pożogi, enabling faster movement and asking powerful attacks in open spaces.

Apart from attacks with weapons, war can also use magic attacks, known as Wrath powers, with the use of both defensive and offensive. Four major powers Wrath of War is a torment geyser blades, dedication and a stone skin. The combination of weapons and power is used by the War primarily during boss fights and resistant opponents, which can only be overcome by force.

War is the most powerful ability to interchange the sower Chaos – resistant to attack by burning being inflicting considerable damage. Ability that can be activated in the later part of the game, after filling the index chaos by killing enemies. In the form Sowers of Chaos can remain but a short time, as it very quickly empties a pointer Chaos.

When the indicator of life opponent will fall significantly, by pressing the appropriate button War can perform brutal punch finisher (ie. Finisher), while larger opponents before killing can ride and on the back of their cull enemies. Clashes with the bosses were realized in the form of fights involving puzzles that require the discovery of a suitable method to beat your opponent and – in some cases – performing quick time event sequence in order to avoid or output attacks.

The type of opponents dependent is that the soul after their defeat will win war. Green heart health supplements, yellow increases the rate of Wrath, in turn blue represent the type of currency, which in the merchant Vulgrima can be replaced by new types of attacks, the development of the power of Wrath, improvements and potions. Scattered around the world are also artifacts that can be exchanged for blue souls – completion of the entire set is associated with additional benefits. During the exploration of the world war may also be trunks containing the souls in different colors, as well as the cores of Wrath and fragments of stone age – after collecting four permanently increasing the level of health or Wrath form.

The ongoing since the beginning of the war between the kingdoms of Hell and Heaven was completed through the efforts of the mysterious Council ashed, the guardian of peace and stability. Established the Brotherhood of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (winner, War, Famine and Death), whose task is to observe the rights set forth by the Council. In the course of the conflict they came to the first humans. Anticipating that humanity is a single entity, helping to maintain the balance, the Council announced its third kingdom. Council negotiated peace between the kingdoms of Heaven and Hell – created seven seals to be broken at a time when humanity will be ready at the end of the world. Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse descend to Earth to punish mankind for its sins, and then will decide the fate of all the kingdoms.

In modern times, armies of angels and demons invade the Earth, starting the final battle. In the chaos appears Horseman of the Apocalypse War, wishing to restore order. During the confrontation with Abaddon, General celestial forces, War discovers that the other riders did not come to call, and the seventh seal has not been broken. Surprised the advent of World War Abaddon is killed by a demon stall. Rider rolls struggle against it and is defeated, before his death saves him but the Council incinerated. Councillors accused war to destroy the balance by bringing a premature apocalypse, helping humanity and allying himself with Hell. War demands that the Council gave him a chance to find the real culprits and restore order. The Council agrees on the condition that war will lose their powers and become subjected to one of their guardians observer, who will have the right to kill him, if you abandon the mission.

War returns to Earth, where it’s been one hundred years since the forces of Hell, led by Destroyer, destroyed unprepared humanity, and the armies of heaven. Not capable to return to Heaven on Earth angels formed a resistance movement led by the angel Uriel. Fulfilling the recommendations of the Council of War meets with itinerant merchant Vulgrimem, from whom he learns that the seat of the Destroyer is the Black Tower. Merchant recommends locate Samael, once powerful demon, and ask him for help in getting to the Tower. Samel reveals that the Tower guard the four powerful demons called the Chosen. War agrees to help get to the Tower, if that would bring him to the heart of the Chosen. While searching for the Chosen war becomes friends with one of the Ancients, Ulthane’em. Although initially fought with each other, they were forced to join forces to defend against Uriel and her supporters, blaming the war for the death of Abaddon and their defeat. During the fight with the last One, Slith, War discovers that their aim was not to guard the Tower, and to prevent the return of Samael. The rider, however, provides heart demon, who after regaining their former power to comply with the contract and helps War get to the Dark Tower.

Inside the War he meets imprisoned angel of death Azrael, who confesses that with Abaddon conspired to accelerate the Apocalypse fearing that delay could undermine the divine protection, but the plan failed, and Abaddon die. Finding evidence needed War states that he has fulfilled his obligation to the Council incinerated. The observer disagrees, however, arguing that in order to restore balance should kill the Destroyer. The war stops on the way to the Black believes killing stall.

Freed War Azrael helps escape from the collapsing tower and takes him to the Garden of Eden, where he reveals that the tree of knowledge may reveal to him the way to defeat the Destroyer. Tree sends to war vision – after his death, Abaddon was taken to Hell, where an unknown entity offers him the power, which it accepts the offer Abaddon, becoming a destroyer guarding the seventh seal. Thanks to the vision of war learns plans Destroyer wanting to storm the sky, during which Uriel die fighting Abaddon. The tree also reveals that the Council ashed knew angelic conspiracy. Anticipating events of its representatives came to the conclusion that only the rider can stop the conspirators. Realizing that they can not embed them for something they have not done so, the Council committed to the earlier of the Apocalypse, she called War and accused him of knowing that at any price he wants to clear his good name and kill the conspirators. The war also suffers vision of himself ośmieszonego by the Observer, then godzonego and slain with the sword. Azrael says that this is the Sword of Armageddon able to kill the Destroyer. Tells War to find fragments of the Sword and provide them Ulthane’owi to be pierced.

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