Garden Combat Hack cheat android ios download 2016/2017




Garden Combat Hack cheat android ios download

Defend your fortress from the evil mutant insect invaders in this engaging war arcade adventure, combining the thrill of tower defense and the fun of real-time strategy gaming.


There was an ordinary garden somewhere out there in the world, the plants and vegetables lived in pure harmony, without fear or concerns.
The happiness reached its end one hot summer night, when the nuclear plant nearby leaked radioactive waste that reached the garden’s end.
The insects who lived in the garden consumed the spill and became evil mutants. They started attacking the garden in their own journey to seek food, blood and war.

The plants were forced to fight for their freedom, although the insects strength was superior to the plants, forcing them to make mechanical implants and weapons in order to reach more destructive power.

Help the mecha plants defeat the mutant insects in Garden Combat in order to bring back justice and livelihood of the rural garden!


Simple and casual, yet engaging and addictive gameplay. You must protect your fortress by strategically fending off attacks and upgrading your mechanical plant army in order to destroy the mutant insects headquarters!


– Produce mecha plant units, guard your territory with a pin machine gun and destroy the insects’ headquarters
– More than 20 different mechanical plant warriors, such as the Wizard Cactus and Mafia Tomato
– Plenty of upgrades for units and productivity
– Study the enemy’s strength and weaknesses to strategize better and win battles easier
– Enjoy an endless amount of challenging stages

This hack Garden Combat include:

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