Giant Machines hack cheats FULL VERSION PC download 2016/2017



Giant Machines hack cheats FULL VERSION PC download

The original simulator created by independent studio Code Horizon. The player takes on the role of the operator of different machines – compared to other title this type of production is distinguished by the presence mode feature. The ultimate goal, which is placed in front of us, is to send a shuttle to the International Space Station.


Giant Machines 2017 on Windows PC relies on the faithful reproduction of the principles that governs the control of heavy machinery. At our disposal we were given seven different vehicles, among which there is a place both on the crane, bulldozer or even tipping, as well as on a giant, used in mining excavator and a platform transporting space shuttles at Cape Canaveral. The individual missions are performed in six different environments – tasks take place, inter alia, Greenland, Canada and the aforementioned Florida. The objectives posed by developers, for example, transport urobka mine, cutting giant metal structures or crushing mountain slopes.
It is worth mentioning that the whole ensures an advanced physical system, so that a possible mistake can bear fruit not only in permanent damage, but also complete immobilisation equipment. Noteworthy control scheme – the player’s responsibility to deal with the support of all arms and spoons and other items of individual machines. Further variety is able to move freely around the vehicle cabins – all presented from a first person perspective.

Game modes:

The basic variant of the game in the Giant Machines 2017 role-playing single-player campaign, which consists of 14 different missions. In the game there is also a Time Attack mode where we have to fit in with the implementation of tasks in a given time; a reward receive medals, and the results achieved, we can boast to the network scoreboard. In addition, the so-called library Machines contains key information about individual vehicles: specifications and performance, as well as three-dimensional models, allowing look at the hardware up close.

Technical issues:

Giant Machines 2017 on Windows PC is based on the technology of Unity, which provided graphic design at a high level. Models of mechanical giants and their cockpits were mapped with attention to detail. Please may also detail made environment.

This hack Giant Machines include:

Full Version game


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