Grand Theft Auto IV / GTA 4 hack cheats FULL VERSION PC download 2016/2017



Grand Theft Auto IV / GTA 4 hack cheats FULL VERSION PC download

Grand Theft Auto IV is shown from a third-person action game, which is the next installment of the best-selling and controversial at the same time cycle that has its roots dating back to 1997 years. This product is PCs conversion of one of the highest rated and best selling item in the history of electronic entertainment.

The game’s story revolves around Niko Bellic, a character who at the urging of his cousin Roman decided to leave Eastern Europe and come to the United States. Unfortunately, the place turned out that they found through it the reality is far from that described by a relative. Roman lied that he has two wives, a sizable collection of cars and a substantial bank account. What’s more, unruly relative continually falls into a new trouble which Niko must constantly pull it.

Cousin is the first customer Bellic, but with the progress in the game, our ward acquainted with the local network of criminals who become his turn heads. Contact gangsters usually takes place via a mobile phone, with the help of which we can not only make and receive calls, but also send pictures and go to multiplayer mode. The device can be heavily personalized, enriching them with new ringtones menu, downloaded directly from the specifically designed exclusively for GTA IV version of the Internet.

The place of the game done a virtual city of Liberty City, confusingly similar to New York and containing typical of this metropolis buildings (including the equivalent of the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building). Location divided into five districts: Broker (Brooklyn), Algonquin (Manhattan), Dukes (Queens), Bohan (Bronx) and Alderney (New Jersey). The virtual environment is completely urbanized and developed network of roads and modern architecture encourage continuous exploration.
Performing a specific mission, you must first wade through the maze of streets, to reach the ultimate goal, marked on the map. The route can be covered on foot, with the help of the famous, yellow taxis or stolen vehicle, which include motorcycles and automobiles. Apart from them, the game is also available train, boat and helicopters. Traditionally, during the movement of the selected vehicle we can listen to radio music, emitted by 18 different stations. One of the leading radio stations implemented Lazlow, known from earlier series of hits, others – such stars as the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, Ukrainian Ruslan and rock legend Iggy Pop.

After arriving at the appointed place often you have to deal with numerous opponents – to do this you can use the offered weapons (including, among others, guns, various types of guns and even a rocket launcher). It is important that the action develops depending on the decisions and the execution order received tasks. This allows the player to influence the course of current events and encourages him to re-start play.

In preparation refined and rich in detail visuals developers used the RAGE engine (Rockstar Advanced Game Engine), supporting him also responsible for the Euphoria physics module. By using these technologies you seen the incredible play of shadows, reflections, smoke mixing with the air and flattering character animation bypass holes in the pavement, wearing mesh shopping or sitting on the benches. Spore is also impressive sunrises and sunsets, dramatically affect the appearance and color gray as a rule the city. The luminaire is adequately nicer in the PC version compared to desktop consoles PS3 and X360.

Moreover, in the edition designed for personal computers Grand Theft Auto IV includes an improved targeting system (can change to a view of the first person), you watch the replays of the last 30 seconds of the game, as well as more extensive multiplayer mode. The program also benefits from the Games for Windows Live.

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