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The next full-fledged edition of the Japanese fighting series, which was born on the PlayStation in 1998. The game uses a completely new graphics engine, porzucającego hand-drawn and animated backgrounds and characters to the three-dimensional models using the technique of cel-shading.

Guilty Gear XRD -SIGN- PlayStation 4 is another after many years of break, a full-fledged installment in the series Guilty Gear fighting game, offering not only a continuation of the well-known fans of the story, but also having a completely new and revolutionary graphics engine cycle. The title is one of the projects that has been prepared to mark the 25th anniversary of its developer, which the Japanese studio Arc System Works. The producer of the game is again Daisuke Ishiwatari, the original inventor and creator of Guilty Gear, which also traditionally also responsible for the characteristic rock soundtrack that accompanies us during the fight.

The game’s story continues the story presented in the previous series. The action title set in the distant future, specifically in 2,187 years. Production has several chapters focusing on a completely new and old forms. Interludes between successive duels have been prepared in a form similar to that of the visual novel games.

Gameplay mechanic in Guilty Gear XRD -SIGN- not significantly different from that to which the series has accustomed us. Despite the new technology and the engine, players like in Street Fighter IV still struggling to dwumiarowym foreground, in the background watching the lively three-dimensional arena. Rules of play are simple to learn, which helps in anyway comprehensive tutorial, learning all the basic concepts associated with punch-ups and individual systems of the game. Each of the 17 available characters has a powerful resource movements and special attacks. Execution of the strongest combos, however, requires many hours of practice, remember complex combinations of buttons, as well as fast reflexes, because almost every action can be countered or interrupted by the opponent.

Besides the campaign narrative and individual matches, players can take the division in a series of duels arcade mode, as well as view gained during the game graphics and music clips and sound. Guilty Gear XRD -SIGN- also offers extensive possibilities for multiplayer fun. Besides the usual sparrings with people from all over the world, we can also take part in ranked matches and fight for the top places on the web lists of the best players.


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