Hearts of Iron IV FULL VERSION PC download 2016/2017


Hearts of Iron IV FULL VERSION PC download

Hearts of Iron IV is the next installment in the series immensely popular strategy games developed by Paradox Development Studio, allowing players to steer the fate of states and empires during World War II.

Hearts of Iron IV is the next installment of the popular series of strategy games in which players direct the policy of one of the interwar period and World War II – the chronological boundaries of the era was the years 1936 to 1948. It depends on us the choice of strategy, the development of the army and decisions about alliances or war. Produced by Swedish studio Paradox Development, known for complex historical strategy games. The company, based in Stockholm, produced and released, among others, Europa Universalis series or referring to it in many respects Crusader Kings and Hearts of Iron series. The latest part runs on the same engine as the new Europa Universalis IV and has a refreshed, more readable user interface.

A characteristic feature views of the fourth game series Hearts of Iron, like the predecessors, is to reproduce the historical realities connected with the full freedom to create an alternative future. In Hearts of Iron IV, players meet a lot of real-life characters War (prime ministers, ministers, commanders), accurately mapped are also military and technologies of individual countries. In the production, there are also the famous historical events – as a mini-missions, the stages of our game that we ourselves set. Their execution gives us a quick fix points of political power – another novelty in the fourth part. Constant supply points we need if only to influence ministers in the government or choose another mini stages of our campaign.

As in the earlier parts, players can direct both the state actively involved in World War II (eg. The United Kingdom or France), as well as those from the edge of those events, eg. From South America. The creators tried to make – in contrast to the previous series of hits – reduce micromanagement, giving the opportunity to focus on the overall strategy of war, not detailed the specific tactics of the army. Also introduced the option of grouping provinces in the regions, which facilitates management of individual sites. The depth of the game also adds a day and night cycle and the seasons, so the planning must take them into account.

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