Helldivers FULL VERSION PS4 download 2016/2017



Helldivers FULL VERSION PS4 download

Arcade shooter in the realities of science fiction in which we observe the action from above. Although the game can go alone, highly recommended is a cooperative mode for up to four players. The title was created by a team of Arrowhead Game Studio responsible, among others, for the title Magicka, which also put emphasis on cooperation.

Helldivers is an arcade space shooter by Arrowhead Game Studios. The creators of such titles as Magicka and The Showdown Effect once again delivered production-oriented fun in a four co-op, though the campaign can be completed well alone. In Helldivers on the PC platform Windows we observe the action in advance, and the gameplay is very dynamic and focused on continuous shelling following types of enemies.

In the game, we move to the future and takes on the title of members of the branch Helldivers. It is the last line of defense for humanity, whose continued existence is under a big question mark. Plagued by political conflicts planet called Super Earth it is in fact attacked by three alien race. The team of highly skilled soldiers must therefore do everything to protect Super Earth from total destruction and becomes to fight the alien invaders.

In Helldivers PC Windows campaign is common to the whole community of fans. This means that the successes and failures of individual players influence is on which side, overall tilts the scales of victory. Intergalactic war held in cycles lasting a few weeks – after each followed by a summary and on this basis are created subsequent events. Players at all times have to choose from a variety procedurally generated missions (objectives, the number of opponents and the appearance of the maps are completely random). As you perform the following tasks gaining new weapons and improvements, moving up the way up the leaderboard. Before you start playing, you can choose for themselves the maximum of four perks accompanying us during the mission.

On the platforms of the family PlayStation game has a feature Cross-Play, which means that cooperation can play with each other holders of PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. Within PlayStation it is also possible to continue the fun on a different hardware platform thanks to the Cross-Save. Sorry editing on computers is devoid of these features and allows players to play together only pecetowym by Steam.

This hack Helldivers include:

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