Husk hack cheats FULL VERSION PC download 2016/2017



Husk hack cheats FULL VERSION PC download

First-person survival horror inspired titles such as Alan Wake or the series Silent Hill. The game is set in the dark and cut off from the world Shivercliff town, and during the play takes on the character Matthew Palmer, who, after the crash of the train tries to find his family

Husk is released for Windows PC platform first-person survival horror inspired by the classics of the genre likes of Silent Hill series, Alone in the Dark Alan Wake. The game was developed in cooperation small, native studies UndeadScout with the team IMGN.PRO – authors of heat adopted horror Kholat.

The game’s story is set in the mid-90s in the mysterious town of Shivercliff, awakening associations with irresistible place the shares of the cult David Lynch TV series Twin Peaks. During the play we take on a man named Matthew Palmer, who, after the crash of the train tries to find his missing family. This task turns out, however, more difficult than expected, as odciętemu from the world Shivercliff close to the infamous Silent Hill series Silent Hill, where evil lurks in every nook and cranny, and the line between nightmare and reality are constantly blurred. At the same time, like in the aforementioned series, the main character has to wrestle with demons plaguing him and the dark past which we discover as you progress in the story.

Mechanics fun playing Husk uses a fairly typical for the species survival horror solutions, although in contrast to those at the beginning of the production of the action game has been depicted in the perspective of first-person. The gameplay itself focuses mainly on exploration and solving puzzles, revealing to us another story elements and dark secrets town Shivercliff. In the game there are also opportunities to fight, during which we use primarily blunt weapons – although from time to time will also appear pistols or revolvers. In some places, we measure also with demanding bosses. The main emphasis, however, was located at the narrated story, which, though interesting and rich in detail and presented in a slightly more accessible than in the previous production company IMGN.PRO entitled Kholat.

The visual side released on the PC platform Windows game corresponds to the advanced Unreal Engine 4, which guarantees a high level of graphic design. While fun is not given to us, however, will enjoy the beautiful details, as being the scene of action Shivercliff bathed in fog, gloomy and unfriendly town, which is dominated by gray coloration from time to time, the transferred red blood. Dark image is complemented by additional tax soundtrack by Arkadiusz Reikowskiego, the creators responsible for film music games such as Kholat or Layers of Fear.

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