I am Setsuna FULL VERSION PC download 2016/2017



I am Setsuna FULL VERSION PC download

Game jRPG of the new studio studio Tokyo RPG Factory, referring to the classics of the genre in the form of Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts. We accompany a recent trip Setsunie, the girl chosen to give his life as a sacrifice for the good of the inhabitants of his village.

I am Setsuna on the PlayStation 4 is a RPG Japanese Studies Tokyo RPG Factory. It is the first production studio, belonging to the company Square Enix, the publisher of series such as Tomb Raider or Dungeon Siege. The title refers to the theme of the classic series the likes of Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts.

The action moves the player to a fantastic winter wonderland, which is home to title Setsuna. From time immemorial the inhabitants they sacrifice young women to protect themselves from the wrath of demons. It is this role has been appointed Setsunie, so the girl has to go to the end of the known world, to the chapel, which will be devoted to the common good. The road in front of her is long and full of dangers, because a few adventurers decided to accompany Setsunie in her last trip.

The nostalgic atmosphere of the game is a tribute to artists to classic Japanese RPGs.

I am Setsuna on the PlayStation 4 is a game of species jRPG, focused primarily on exploration. The action is shown in an isometric view, with a delicate work camera vertically. Throughout the game, we visit the detail design, three-dimensional locations, continuing the journey to the place where Setsuna is expected to make his sacrifice. Most of the mined areas are the caves, but there are also open spaces. From time to time we come across small towns in which we can exchange information with NPCs and find the unique equipment.

Journey, in which goes directed by our team, it is not easy. At every step lurk innumerable adversaries. In the fight attended by all members of the expedition, and each of them has unique skills that develop with increasing experience. Characteristically for the species, the battle takes place in turn-based system; However, it was slightly modified. The game uses the Active Time Battle system, referring to the first part of the mechanics of Final Fantasy. Fighting may in its turn to perform actions related to, among others, the infliction of injury, treatment, application of reinforcements, and then must wait for an appropriate (eg dependent on the action taken) amount of time to rejoin the fight. It is important that the outside bar of shares assigned to each character in the game was a separate bar for Setsuna. If he is charged, all actions taken by members of the team are briefly strengthened.

I am Setsuna on the PlayStation 4 uses the latest version of the graphics engine unity. The three-dimensional locations and character models have been designed with attention to detail. An important role in building a climate of nostalgic gameplay fully soundtrack Tomokiego Miyoshi, author of music for SoulCalibur V. The game is available in English and Japanese language versions, including text and spoken audio.

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