Masquerada: Songs and Shadows hack cheats FULL VERSION PC download 2016/2017



Masquerada: Songs and Shadows hack cheats FULL VERSION PC download

The isometric RPG Singapore studies Witching Hour. The Masquerade: Songs and Shadows takes on the inspector Cicero Gavara investigating the mysterious kidnapping Ombre – the only city in the world, where there is magic. Clashes are largely dependent on the tactical ability of the player and skilful use of the active pause. The game has also an interesting, drawn visual style, combining elements from many cultures.

Masquerade: Songs and Shadows is another well-known production of games for mobile devices Singaporean study Witching Hour (Ravenmark, Romance In My Carpet). This title is a tactical RPG-I 2.5D with a view to an isometric view. The main inspiration for the formula of the game were such classics as the series Baldur’s Gate or Dragon Age.

The game is set in Ombre, the only city in the world, where there is magic. Her decks are not infinite – to be able to cast powerful spells, you need the mysterious mask. Their power can also be exhausted, which makes the competition for acquiring them is very fierce and makes Ombre habitat intrigue, political Gierek and pending litigation for years. The player takes the role of the inspector Cicero Gavara, which is downloaded from exile to solve the mysterious disappearance, which could shake the entire city. The creators made sure of it, that story – although linear – was properly developed: the scenario has about 500 pages.

The game mechanics strongly draws on these earlier titles. We take control of a few staff team, seen in an isometric view, which explores presented to the world, and we are getting much skirmishes with opponents. The latter can be played in two ways: faster, more focused on action and tactical, where we stop for a moment the events happening on the screen and calmly choose what actions to take charges. Characters have a course-specific skills for themselves, and a large role in the fight plays accumulated as found in masks magic.

The distinguishing feature of Masquerade is an interesting graphic style, combining elements from many very different environments. City Ombre is based on Venice, and its decor and costumes residents are taken straight from the carnivals held there. Palette of colors and animations are in turn the result of Japanese influence and the French comic books. In addition, the creators drew inspiration from other games, including Bastion, Transistor and The Banner Saga.

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