Mekazoo hack cheats FULL VERSION PC download 2016/2017



Mekazoo hack cheats FULL VERSION PC download

Color 2.5D platformer inspired by classics of the genre likes of Donkey Kong and Sonic. During the game, we have the ability to switch between the five animal characters with unique abilities, which translates into diverse gameplay mechanics.

Mekazoo is released on the PC platform Windows colorful platformer 2.5 D with pets in the main role, for which inspired by the classics likes of Donkey Kong Country series, and Sonic. Described production is the debut of independent studies The Good Mood Creators of Seattle.

The title has a relatively simple layer of narrative. The protagonist of the game, sympathetic battleship, discovers that his friends were missing. To find them, he must overcome a number of giant mechanical bosses.

In terms of mechanics, Mekazoo derives from the typical representatives of the genre, combining platforming elements with modern housing and modern solutions. As you might guess, the crux of the game here is so traversing the subsequent stages bristling with traps and other dangers, collecting znajdziek and overcoming encountered opponents. At the beginning you control just mentioned battleship, but with the progress of the game gradually find the missing animal friends, ie .: frog, kangaroo, a pelican and a panda who become playable characters. Each course has unique characteristics, and their use is necessary to overcome the obstacles encountered. It is worth noting that within one level of skills we can use only two pre-selected characters, which encourages experimentation, as many obstacles can be overcome in various ways.


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