Meridian: Squad 22 hack cheats FULL VERSION PC download 2016/2017



Meridian: Squad 22 hack cheats FULL VERSION PC download

Continuation embedded in the convention of science fiction real-time strategy Meridian: New World from 2014. When trying to colonize an unknown planet fail, the colonists and crew disappeared without a trace, the place will be sent to a specialized unit of Squad 22, with the task of finding survivors and allow them to return home .

Meridian: Squad 22 is embedded in the conventions of science fiction real-time strategy PC Windows, which is a continuation published in 2014 Meridian game: New World. The production is a joint work of the authors pierwzowzoru, Ede Tarsolyego and his studies Elder_Games and crew hexanes Audio, responsible for the sound layer the game. Party publishing took up again the company Merge Games and Headup Games.

The story Meridian: Squad 22 tells the story continued, launched in Meridian New World. The first attempt to colonize the planet Meridian title ended in failure, and the group sent people there disappeared without a trace. In this situation, the leaders of the United Earth made a decision about bringing the place of specialized commando unit known as Squad 22. Its task is to find the missing colonists and providing them a safe return home.

In terms of mechanics Meridian: Squad 22 practically does not differ from published more than two years before the original, and the game reconnects solutions classic RTS with extensive layer of narrative. The action is non-linear, and its development impact conducted in between missions dialogues, and the choices and tactical decisions taken by the player.

The strategic layer title focuses on the collection of raw materials, the expansion of the base, the training units and conducting the subsequent battles with opponents. Skirmishes are characterized by a considerable depth of tactical, allowing the use of different strategies to fight – we take care of every soldier or treat the military as a typical cannon fodder, by all means striving to achieve the objective. The whole diversifies the dispute arsenal of gadgets, affecting the ability of our troops, and a simple development system, so that as you progress in the game you get a number of leadership skills.

Meridian: Squad 22 is a production designed exclusively to play single player. Calculated to approx. 10 hours of gameplay campaign complements the narrative, however, more than a hundred procedurally generated missions that can be played in Planetary Conquest mode.

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