Metro 2033 Redux hack cheats FULL VERSION PC download 2016/2017



Metro 2033 Redux hack cheats FULL VERSION PC download

Metro 2033 Redux is a new edition of the game Metro 2033 from 2010. The title originally appeared on PCs and Xbox 360, and after four years the creator of the studio 4A Games decided to release an improved version of the device for the new generation (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) and PCs. Production is available as a stand-alone title in the framework of digital distribution and the release of a boxed Metro Redux, sold in a set with the enhanced version of the game Metro: Last Light.

A story in Metro 2033 Redux takes place in the near future. After a nuclear apocalypse world as we know it ceased to exist, the majority of people perished, and managed to survive several thousand group of persons on the grounds of the Moscow Metro. This does not mean, however, that after this event, everything was back to normal. Residents unusual shelter harassed because the mutated animals from the surface, more often attacking the last representatives of the people. The player takes the role of Artyom, – a young man who lives in the northern zone of the shelter, the defensive in decline. This is sent to Polis – the central part of the subway to notify local residents of impending danger from monsters and at the same time ask them to support nadwątlonych line of defense.

The game combines the features of a first person shooter with elements of survival horror. The creators gave at our disposal a variety of opportunities for fun. The basic course is sending successive balls of the enemy, but sometimes we also need to take advantage of the darkness to slip by unnoticed. At the same time, remember that the game currency role meet cartridges. Developers have prepared several types of weapons and gadgets. First of all available traditional tools of murder likes knife, shotgun, rifle and shotgun. In addition, in the game there are also unique poppers, eg. Weapons firing steel bolts or pneumatic gun on steel balls. Additionally, while playing we use a gas mask and a generator used to power flashlights and night vision goggles.

Metro 2033 Redux is based on the latest version of the engine 4A Engine, so it can boast a much improved compared to the original artwork. The developers took care of, among others, an advanced lighting system, dynamic weather, improved animations, more flattering character models.

Production also received two unique options for fun – Survival, focused on providing the experience straight from the survival horror (limited resources, more dangerous opponents, longer time to reload weapons) and Spartan, which is the mode set to share (Artem has a powerful combat skills, higher inventories of raw materials) . There were also cult Ranger Mode.

This hack Metro 2033 Redux include:

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