Necropolis FULL VERSION PC download 2016/2017



Necropolis FULL VERSION PC download

Necropolis is a third-person action game type roguelike, rooted in the reality of fantasy with elements of science fiction. We scour dungeons, magical complex, requiring rolling struggle with a variety of opponents, increasing their chances of success by brewing potions and learn new spells and runes. It is a production studio harebrained Schemes, having also account a series of role-playing game Shadowrun.

Necropolis for Windows PC is a combination of third-person action game with elements and roguelike genre. This is the second large work in the achievements of American independent studies harebrained Schemes, founded in 2011 and debuting in 2013, the classic representative of the genre role-playing game – Shadowrun Returns.

The action of this title embedded in the reality of fantasy, where you can discern elements of science-fiction. Events take place in the cavernous complex magic of continually changing shapes. The player takes the role of challenger, which aims to explore corners of this place and get out of him, beating him wielding beings – the mad archmage Abraxis and created his “intelligence” that feeds the souls attracted by their unfortunate to its domain. You’ve accompanied by considerable deposits of humor, and a source of inspiration in the design of the world (and especially its bestiary) was for the creators of the movie The Cabin in the Woods (pol. Cabin in the Woods).

As for the model of the game, we have a full-blooded action game with dynamic and challenging combat system, based on an appropriate sense of time and animations. We have to be careful with the clashes and learn the patterns of behavior of opponents, and then use the gaps in their defense, putting combinations of light and strong attacks. Increases our chances of brewing potions with collected components, as well as look around for well hidden mystical books, zaopatrującymi us in spells and runes.

The world is procedurally generated. Interestingly, we can see that not only every time you start the game, but also during the game – during the game from time to time get in the points, allowing us to transform random locations. In addition, developers created a living ecosystem where various creatures are fighting with each other – it can be used by the hero in his favor, for example by luring each other beings who are themselves enemies.

Necropolis in the PC version of Windows has a three-dimensional artwork designed in an unusual way. Developers put in dark colors and models with a relatively small number of polygons in conjunction with a world full of strange shapes and formidable structures.

This hack Necropolis include:

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