NiOh hack cheats FULL VERSION PS4 download 2016/2017



NiOh hack cheats FULL VERSION PS4 download

Action adventure game set in the realities of the sixteenth-century Japan produced by the well-known series Ninja Gaiden team Team Ninja, which is one of the internal study of Tecmo. The story is based on a script by Akira Kurosawa, who has never been realized in the form of a film.

NiOh is an action game developed by famous Japanese team Team Ninja, known for such production, as the series Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden Metroid: Other M. Studio belongs to the company Koei Tecmo, which took the side of a publishing project. Interestingly, the producer Kou Shibusawa is – one of the founders of the company Koei, which in 2009 merged with Tecmo, creating a current corporation. The title was officially announced back in 2005 and was supposed to be one of the first designed for the PlayStation 3. Deweloping did not go according to plan, however, and finally hearing about NiOh missing. It was only in September 2015, during the exhibition Tokyo Game Show revealed the game again, this time as a project created with the aim of PlayStation 4.

Action NiOh PlayStation 4 is set in the fictional equivalent of the Sengoku period. Japan is mired in wars province, and in addition there is a new, great danger, because their presence revealed Yokai – dangerous demons. To the Land of the Rising Sun from the West arrives blondwłosy warrior named William, who are chasing a man named Edward Kelley. Hero on the site joins forces with Tokugawa Ieyasu and his servant Hattorim Hanzo. Together they try to grab the enemy and deal with the Yokai.

In NiOh we take on the samurai, struggling with a variety of opponents, who in any case are human. The hero, however, can resist powerful creatures, not only because of his skills, but also in the enchanted sword of power. The gameplay reminds Onimushy combination of Dark Souls, forcing the player to a cautious fight, use dodge and block and fast ask deadly blows.

The combat system is based on three main attitudes – high (High Stance), medium (Mid Stance) and low (Low Stance). In the first case it is referred to the powerful attacks, inflicting the most damage, but the figure then has little power to block and capture dodging. Second position well in defense, but attacks are not too strong. On the other hand, in the latter case, the best gets evasive.

NiOh, as well as a series of Dark Souls, offers a fairly unusual multiplayer. Although traversing the world might as well be alone, so in special shrines can summon other players. This is useful when performing certain tasks, in particular, that the game studio Team Ninja not easy. In addition, we also fought duels, but do not fight directly with another person, and the special character NPC, invoked in the place of death of one of the participants of fun.

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