Planet Explorers hack cheats FULL VERSION PC download 2016/2017



Planet Explorers hack cheats FULL VERSION PC download

Colonists crash on an alien planet and must fight for survival. In this production inspired by Minecraft we collect raw materials, we put buildings, construct vehicles and weapons, and struggling with the local monsters. All this is combined missions, among which we have almost complete freedom of action. Special technology allows you to modify the environment.

Planet Explorers is a three-dimensional adventure game about survival on an alien planet. Production has been prepared by independent studio Pathea Games, which inspired the titles such as Minecraft.

In the year 2287 the Earth goes first colonial ship, whose mission is the population of the planet Maria, located in the Epsilon Indi system. Unfortunately, during the landing sequence before the shuttle appears mysterious space ship, causing equipment failure. Earth’s machine crashes and only part of the colony reaches the planet. Now they have to fight for survival in an alien world dominated by dangerous creatures.

The player takes the role of one of the colonists, who goes to an alien planet and must fight for survival. At the beginning of the game, we can determine the appearance and parameters of the form, which has some bearing on the game. The actual game is to explore the surroundings, gathering resources, building and repelling the attacks of foreign animals. Adventure in solo mode contains a number of story missions that make up the larger story.

Studio Pathea Games wanted to give players the greatest possible freedom of action. Planet Explorers takes place Although always on the same map (measuring 12×24 kilometers), but you can change it in any way. Thanks to a sophisticated system of influence on the environment and the building we can construct buildings, vehicles and even weapons. They are essential because the planet Maria teeming with monsters, animals and other enemies.

Planet Explorers uses the Unity 3D engine, which ensures a good graphics with relatively low hardware requirements (interestingly, the action can be seen from the perspective of TPP or FPP). The manufacturer has applied new methods to modify the terrain, based on the technology Voxeli.


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