Ride 2 Evolution hack cheats FULL VERSION PC download 2016/2017



Ride 2 Evolution hack cheats FULL VERSION PC download

RIDE 2 is designed for PCs motorcycle racing game. The production is the simulator and insists on a realistic reproduction of the behavior and the appearance of more than two hundred licensed wheelers. Players can play alone or compete with other people in several multiplayer modes.

RIDE 2 is released on the PC platform Windows simulator motorcycle racing. The game produced Italian studio Milestone, which is the same team that was behind predecessor, as well as some facet of such cycles as Superbike and MotoGP.

Designed for Windows PC RIDE 2 allows you to manage more than two hundred models of two-wheelers. The authors have acquired all the necessary licenses from the manufacturers, so that each of them has been meticulously restored, both visually and behavior while driving. We test them racing for more than thirty routes divided into seven categories.

The priority for the authors was the realism and in this respect RIDE 2 is the production of more advanced than the first part. The creators made sure to motorcycles dysponowały great power, but at the same time were difficult to control. During the game, even small errors can result in accidents, although for less experienced players will also see the option to enable a number of facilities.

RIDE 2 also boasts an extensive system to modify the machines. Also, this element lived to see many changes since its predecessor, and this time has more than 1,200 parts, allowing you to change almost all aspects of our motorcycles.

The game offers several modes for single player. The most important of them is the World Tour, in which we can compete with artificial intelligence in the course organized in different parts of the world competition, divided into categories such as Superbike 1000 Superbike 600 or Historic Championship. Apart from the normal race, we take part in challenges time and parallel races, and all the successes and failures shape the overall reputation of our competitor and decide on the further development of his career.

RIDE 2 also allows you to participate in multiplayer games, both within individual struggles and multiplayer championships.

Compared with the first installment of the series, RIDE 2 offers significantly improved graphic design. Textures are sharper, models of motorcycles can boast more detail and route look more realistic. The authors strongly improved artificial intelligence.

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