RWBY: Grimm Eclipse FULL VERSION PC download 2016/2017



RWBY: Grimm Eclipse FULL VERSION PC download

Production based on the popular animated series online RWBY. The game takes place in the already known characters, who, however, have to face a completely new enemy. The gameplay reminds combination of Dynasty Warriors with Left 4 Dead.

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse from the studio Rooster Teeth Games (faction of Rooster Teeth Productions – an American company dealing mainly with the creation of Machinima) is a production based on the online animated series RWBY. The title was originally created as a project of one of the fans. The owners of the brand quickly picked up on it and decided to grow substantially.

The story told in the game RWBY: Grimm Eclipse on Windows PC is not based on any of the episodes. The writers took care of a completely new storyline, which are involved already known characters, or Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang. They must cope with new units Grimm and previously unseen villain.

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse for Windows PC is a three-dimensional hack-and-slash, which some elements were inspired by labels like Dynasty Warriors, and Left 4 Dead. Fun is designed primarily for the game as part of a four-person co-op mode (online). At the beginning choose one of the characters, possessing a unique development of the tree. Traversing the outpost and fighting with many opponents, gaining experience points allocated for the development of our ward, which thus grows in strength and can face stronger opponents. Clashes like this, what we have to do in the aforementioned series Dynasty Warriors. The fight is dynamic and usually at the same time struggling with a lot of enemies. Fortunately heroines are agile and can use both melee weapons and firearms, so not terrible them superior forces Grimm.

This hack RWBY: Grimm Eclipse include:

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