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Skyforge hack cheats PC download

Skyforge this MMORPG uses the model of Free-2-Play, which is a result of team collaboration Allods Team with the studio Obsidian Entertainment. The action takes place in a land full of magic combining the realities of fantasy with futuristic technology typical of science fiction.

Skyforge is a MMORPG based on a model free of micropayments. Responsible for her studio Allods Team, creators of Allods Online, and helped in the production team of Obsidian Entertainment.

The game is set in the world combines elements of fantasy and science-fiction. Although the virtual universe inhabited by many different breeds, we can assume the only man. For solace is the fact that the hero has the divine element that full use is indeed the central point of the game. The ultimate goal of each player is to achieve divinity, because only thus will we be able to repel the invasion threatening the world.

Players also choose between a dozen classes, many of which are very unusual and not like the profession present in the competing films. At our disposal was given, among others, Cryomancera specializes in freezing opponents Lightbendera manipulating the magic of light or even Kinetica potrafiącego change reality with the help of the mind. Unlike other games of the genre, in Skyforge at any time and without consequences, we changed our specialization – also in combat.

After wykreowaniu as we go into the world to seek jobs to fill treasures to collect and enemies to kill. The fight is a mixture of known solutions of games MOBA and action games, but apart from the skill players, and also statistics and the hero’s skills play a significant role. Closely interacts with the system development. Among the successes we are rewarded with special jewels, which then spend on improving statistics and abilities of heroes in a special tree known as Ascension Atlas.

In addition to developing skills and statistics hero, build the cult of followers. Responding to the call of subjects and rescue them from oppression provides not only the traditional awards, but special points counted in a separate ranking. The level of devotion of the faithful represent not only numbers, but also the same game world – the most powerful players are placed on the impressive statues.

Skyforge offers a fully three-dimensional graphics with a high level of detail. For the project, a new graphics engine, as available on the market other people’s technologies do not meet the requirements of the end of the Allods Team.


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