Space Run Galaxy FULL VERSION PC download 2016/2017



Space Run Galaxy FULL VERSION PC download

Space Run Galaxy is available on PCs space strategy. The player takes the role of an employee galactic courier, transporting valuable goods through dangerous territories. Fun is modeled on the tower defense genre. Before the trip we build the ship with blocks, then its hull install equipment and systems to repel attacks from enemy units.

Space Run Galaxy is released on the PC platform Windows space strategy with enhanced elements of tower defense. The game is a continuation issued in 2014. Space Run; Both productions were designed by Passtech Games.

The game is set in the distant future, twenty years after the events of the previous section. The campaign returns Captain Buck Mann, specializing in the transport of valuable cargo through the dangerous areas of the galaxy. During those two decades, his business developed rapidly and is now a sizable courier, preconceived with reputation and repeat customers. This time players come to play the one of his employees. We must not only deliver the shipment in one piece, but also do it in the shortest possible time. This is not easy, because the routes run through the territory full of enemy troops, pirates and aggressive alien races.

Issued on PC platform Windows Run Space Galaxy combines elements of RTS-a cosmic and tower defense. Before the start of each mission personally we build the hexagonal part of the hull of the ship of any shape. At the end we assemble engine (initially only one, but over time will earn an extra), and then put on the hull cargo. When we are ready, the ship hits the road, and we proceed to build on the free hexes additional devices, such as laser turrets, rocket launchers, shield generators and power ups. All this we use not only to repel the attacks of enemies, but also the elimination of natural hazards (eg. Asteroids).

After starting we have no control over the trajectory unit, but it is possible to control weapons and other systems onboard. The game offers a great variety of challenges. Apart from a few hostile factions appear as bosses in the form of giant ships or space monsters. The same applies to the situation of transported goods – they have been divided into several categories, each of which requires different conditions during the journey.

The action takes place in a large slice of the galaxy, comprising four planetary systems, fifty zones and more than a hundred possible orders. Compared with the previous installment appeared more corporations, proposing more dangerous, but even more profitable tasks. The game also offers several network options. There is no provision classic multiplayer, but players can create their own futures and share them with the rest of the community. Additionally available is a black market in which the whole economy shape the actions users themselves.

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