The Last Of Us 2 FULL VERSION Xbox 360 download 2016/2017



The Last Of Us 2 FULL VERSION Xbox 360 download

The Last of Us: Part II is designed for the PlayStation 4 action adventure game in the survival horror atmosphere, combining exploration, dynamic combat, and elements skradankowowe. The authors put emphasis on the story, and this time the main playable character is known from previous parts of a girl named Ellie.

In terms of feature game is a continuation of themes from the first part. Again, we are moving in the near future, where the collapse of civilization led epidemic called by parasitic fungi transformative infected people into monsters.

The action begins five years after the events of the original. Returns two characters from the first part, which Joel and Ellie. This time it’s a girl, now has already had 19 years, is the main character and it is guided by the majority of the campaign.

In terms of mechanics, released on PlayStation 4 The Last of Us: Part II develops the ideas from the first part. We get so again adventure action game, in which the camera is positioned behind the form. During the game the player traverses the map with partially open structure and eliminate enemies. During the game there is no shortage of violent direct confrontation, but often we have to bet on the approach skradankowe. The clashes use both melee weapons and firearms, but the latter hinders the small amount found in the course of exploration of ammunition.

The player manages directly only one character, but the adventure is often accompanied her ally controlled by artificial intelligence, which helps to fight and give valuable advice.

This hack The Last Of Us 2 include:

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