The Mims Beginning FULL VERSION PC download 2016/2017



The Mims Beginning FULL VERSION PC download

Nice to look at real-time strategy in which the player commands title pages beings – Mimsami. Heroes land on alien planets, where they must fight for their lives and establish colonies. During the game we plant plants that provide energy, developing technology and fight with predators.

The Beginning Mims is a simple real-time strategy, reminiscent of titles such as Black & White (the player does not have full control over the units). It prepared her Polish studio Squatting Penguins, founded by just two people who are responsible for virtually all aspects of the game (except music).

The Mims Beginning tells the story of the title Mimsów, creatures that roam the galaxy in search of a new home. As a result of a collision with an asteroid heroes vehicle breaks down and they have to evacuate using the escape pods on the nearby celestial bodies. Each of them is a different kind of climate and terrain. In these difficult conditions, Mimsy decide to build and develop the colony. With the help comes player.

In The Beginning Mims assume the role of leader of the colony Mimsów and we must take care of its proper development, spending only simple instructions to subordinates. It is not easy, because the characters are faced with many problems. Epidemic is the basic lack of energy provided by fruits from different plants. In addition to this, you have to deal with the local formidable prey, eg. Giant dragons, and other threats.

A characteristic feature of the game is that the model series Black & White, do not get it full and direct control over the heroes. Instead, the player affects the fate of the lovable creatures in a number of ways – by issuing simple commands, planting plants and designing the development of the colony. On the last element consists of such activities as the development of technology, learning new abilities monsters, or even taking care of the flock possessed.

Game studies Squatting Penguins was done in a pleasant to the eye, color graphic design, reminiscent of titles such as Spore, or Pikmin (used engine is Unity 3D). The authors focused on gameplay solo – in the production of no multiplayer mode.

This hack The Mims Beginning include:

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