The Technomancer hack cheats FULL VERSION PC download 2016/2017


The Technomancer hack cheats FULL VERSION PC download

Action RPG studio Spiders, set in the universe of science fiction known for the game Mars: War Logs. The title takes us to Mars, where the technology is mixed with pseudomagią, and one of the most influential groups are militant guardians of ancient knowledge, the so-called. technomanci. The player takes the role of a young member of the Order and its mission is to find a way to re-establish contact with Earth.

The Technomancer this action RPG decorated in the style of post-apocalyptic science fiction with elements of cyberpunk, which was embedded in the known universe of the game Mars: War Logs from 2013. This position, known originally as Mars: Paradise Lost, was developed by the studio Spiders, having your account credits include Bound by Flame Of Orcs and Men (współstworzone with the band Cyanide) or Faery: Legends of Avalon

The game again throws us into the grim reality of a lost human colony on Mars, where society is divided into castes, technology intersects with pseudomagią and warring corporations are competing for access to the most valuable raw material, which is water. Title technomanci are powerful warriors wielding the power of electricity, who are also the guardians of knowledge remains the rest of the colonists from Earth. All this makes it in the eyes of the majority of society They gain even to the rank of demigods, but in reality are only pawns on the chessboard of political Gierek, and because of the potential war are forced to fight on the front of endless wars.

The player takes the role of a young technomanty named Zachariah, who is embroiled in a conflict between the army and the secret police, desiring to lay hands on guarded by his order mysteries. In all this chaos must also fill commissioned to him by a master technomantów mission to find and protect the Earth from the artifacts, which are a potential source of knowledge about how to renew contact with the Blue Planet and bring it to rescue the colonists.

The game can establish contacts with six factions, and the positive or negative relationship with each of them to some extent the course of the game and how to fill specific tasks. In addition, choices made by the player leads to one of five ends of the adventure.
The general outline of fun mechanics similar to what we know from previous games studio Spiders, namely Mars: War Logs and Bound by Flame. We observe the action from the third-person perspective, and the battle is half arcade, half tactical character. The latter is determined by several factors – primarily the high level of difficulty, to switch on the fly between the three combat styles (his staff, mace and shield, dagger and pistol) and having the support of the two companions who can give basic orders during clashes.

The action takes place in a fairly wide (but not open) locations, rich in nooks and crannies to search and heroes of independent commissioning side quests (the latter is much more than in the previous games of the developer). In addition to the player waiting, among others, rich character development system and the mechanics of the craft, allowing for improvement gained gear elements (weapons and armor). There were also building relationships with associates, including the option of romance. In short, the game has been significantly modified and expanded to the previous games, especially in those aspects that raised the most objections players.

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