Transport Fever hack cheats FULL VERSION PC download 2016/2017



Transport Fever hack cheats FULL VERSION PC download

Economic strategy of the Swiss studies Urban Games, which is a continuation published in 2014, the game Train Fever. Unlike the previous production of the developer, focusing exclusively on road and rail infrastructure, this time the authors reached for another means of transportation, such as ships and aircraft. Target, however, remained unchanged, and that is to build a well functioning transport infrastructure, enabling the connection of the various locations and efficient transport of goods and passengers. The Transport Fever we have been laying the following roads and rails, routing and construction of strategic buildings such as railway stations, ports and airports, for example. For loading and unloading goods. Once created network should also regularly improve in order to meet demand. The whole is subordinated to the strictly economic sphere and requires a reasonable balance between the proportion of revenue and expenditure.

This hack Transport Fever include:

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