Trials of the Blood Dragon FULL VERSION PC download 2016/2017



Trials of the Blood Dragon FULL VERSION PC download

Other popular series of Trials, constituting an original combination of skill and physics-based gameplay of the previous parts of the series and kitsch universe of science fiction, wykreowanego for the game Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. During the play takes on a pair of twins, descendants of the hero Blood Dragon, who took part in the Vietnam War IV traverse different vehicles another, bristling with dangers levels.

Trials of the Blood Dragon is available on the PC platform Windows arcade game, which is a unique combination of mechanics popular series of trials with the crazy universe of science fiction, the created for the needs published in 2013. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, which is an independent addition to the popular sandboksowej shooting TPP company Ubisoft. Described production is a collaboration between the creators of Trials cycle of the Finnish studio RedLynx and located behind our eastern border branch of the French giant Ubisoft Kiev team that is specializing in PeCetowych conversions biggest brands Ubisoft.

The game Trials of the Blood Dragon is set in an alternate version of modern times, namely in 2019 years. During the game take control of a pair of twins: Slayter and Roxanne Colt, who are descendants of the legendary Rex “Power” Colt, which is the main character of the game Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. 12 years after World War II Vietnam, in a world where the sky revolve mysterious bloody dragons and nothing is no longer like before, tough as their father and wise as their mother heroes embark on a fourth war in order to save his freedom and the modern world .Mechanika Trials of the Blood Dragons is a unique combination of pure skill-based physics platform racing series Trials of heavily redrawn and kitschy world of action films of the 80s, known for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. General assumptions, however, remained faithful to the previous cycle odsłonom studio RedLynx, and the gameplay focuses on overcoming another, bristling with obstacles stages in which we need to get to your destination, not only in one piece, but in the shortest possible time.

Formula fun, however, was significantly expanded and in addition to the classic motorcycle in the game get too available to other “means of transport”, such as BMX bike, speeding wagon or … own feet. Fun is not limited only to the driving, as some sections of the game, we must also make use of gadgets such as rope ended hook and firearms. During the campaign, a full-fledged role-playing siblings Coltów traverses a series of tightly twisted locations, including participating in the Vietnam War, street bitting in Miami, the struggle of TV heroes in Tokyo, and even setting off kosmos.Pod in terms of graphic design, released on the PC platform Windows Trials of the Blood Dragon quite clearly different from the style known from previous series of hits Trials and outpost games are kept in a very colorful, kitschy style, matching the crazy climate production. The whole is seasoned with a soundtrack by the Australian music group PowerGlove, that the creators of the original soundtrack for the game Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

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